My name is Aimée Boulos and I am currently a graphic designer at the Miami Design District in Miami, Fl.

For the past two years I have been working within the marketing team at the Miami Design District to help promote and expand the brand's reach through design. As the Miami Design District is a hybrid neighborhood which merges luxury shopping, public art and fine dining the projects I have worked on have been diverse. Being part of a small but efficient team of designers has helped me solidify my abilities to work on a team. It is only through supporting each others work that we have been able to conceive and complete numerous projects which have included event branding, online marketing (eblasts, banner ads, landing pages), temporary window designs and support for the numerous departments that help run the Miami Design District. 

I am currently seeking a position that would allow me to transition to more user experience based work. I am highly interested in strategizing and designing effective user experience for all digital mediums.

Please contact me at aimeeboulos@gmail.com

Thank you !